Lowongan kerja Indofood | Lowongan kerja pt Indofood

Indofood. Indofood of the company 'total food solutions, "in the production of the various stages of food production and processing of raw materials to finished product on the shelves of merchants. As a leader in the industry in Indonesia, Indofood support, extensive distribution system and reach a well-known products in every part of the country. 

Largest food processing company with an extensive distribution network throughout the country are looking for a qualified professional candidates: 


* Minimum Education: Bachelor of Industrial Engineering * Maximum age: 25 years * Understand the quality system ISO 9001 ISO 22000, GMP, safety and 5S * Understand the warehouse (distribution, inventory management)
Production Supervisor
* Minimum Education: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Food Technology * Minimum two years experience * Understand the quality system ISO 9001 ISO 22000, GMP, safety and 5S
If you meet the above requirements and interested in positions, please send your CV (preferably in Word or Adobe format) and a recent photograph and position code, e-mail with the subject: @ dhany.kurniawan icbp.indofood . co.id 

Things ready before the science 

Received a scholarship to study abroad is a competitive process. That's because many people like you want a scholarship, but not all of which can be achieved. Cholarship not have enough money to pay all at once. In addition to scholarships and grants to ensure that only the best, selected applicants will be issued for the money to prepare effectively, what is intended. So you must be a winner!
Many people have received scholarships. You hear it all the time. But how did they do a good job? You are lucky or smart or better than others? No, they do not have! If you ask them about the secret to winning, they can only give you the following list: to create things or consider before applying for a scholarship. 

Academic certificates and diplomas 

After high school, do not wait. The access to original documents and transcripts, and has several copies. You need to check it, remember to get a few people at the university into a place if you need their signature. More importantly, you need to translate academic certificates and diplomas. Check around, there may be some people do. This will help the task. If not, they will. If you are ready to be wise for others to see them. You can correct valuable advice, even the names are misspelled. Again, you need a signature of the President and Chancellor of the translation of certificates and records. Entitled 

You need to know in advance which you decide to do the research route - courses or research or both. If you like the learning process, you need no advice. But if you want to do research, you need a research proposal. 

A good research project will cost to build time and effort. Therefore, it is always best to prepare early. Basically, the proposal is not much different from what you've done before, in your research as part of their studies. These include background, objectives, or needs to answer the question, hypothesis, methods, and reference. This is the essence of the proposal.
If you meet the basic requirements in order to seek the views of others. If the application is open, check whether the need for more scholarships for you. And supervisors in the letter from the University of interested
Download the application form and fill in the back of the university before the university website. The University will respond to you and your issues admission notice. You can display the form, you will do your research, science waiting to begin next year to fight you. Most likely they will give you a conditional acceptance. They will continue to publish until you once again successful and scholarship applications.
If you are on the website targeted departments or schools to have to find your potential boss. In fact, this must be done to complete the registration form. The reason why you can not learn in school, unless you have the academic staff willing to supervise you. Therefore, to access their e-mail address, and contact. First you must imagine yourself not to mention your academic background and your research proposal, and asked him if he / she will monitor available. If they are busy, because many students have their own responsibility, do not panic. Ask / when they know that there are people on the whole, the company still be able to more students. 

Good letter from the university and the coach, if you leave it before, you can connect your application and submit it to the interviewer. These letters increase your chances of winning a scholarship, because they impress the interviewer, so you better prepared and have more steps forward than the other candidates.

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